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Frequently Asked Questions

It really depends on the breed. For most, we suggest visiting the groomer once a month for a hygiene treatment or a full groom (cut & comb/stripping) to maintain your pup’s coat, nails and skin in top condition. In addition, you should aim for a manicure and teeth clean at least once a month.
If you need any more specific recommendations, please get in touch via WhatsApp +31 6 51 16 94 72 or by giving our reception a call.
Our prices are determined by three main factors:
1. Breed (coat density, grooming standards, products)
2. Size (weight)
3. Duration of treatment
4. Finally, the last factor is how labour-intensive the procedure is. As a rule, we have two groomers for each client, to make sure we pay full attention to the dog and give the best treatment possible. Our job is not just grooming, but also understanding the dog’s behaviour and adapting our procedures to the particular pet’s physical and mental health needs.

We respect our clients very much and therefore have a transparent pricing policy, actively avoiding tricky terms such as “approximately” or “from 50 EUR”. What’s more, our front office staff are always more than happy to walk customers through all the treatments and costs in advance. Additional fees only apply in circumstances where a pet has exhibited aggressive behaviour, health issues, or neglect.
We truly strive to make dog grooming an enjoyable experience for all, using world-class techniques, technology and treatments that will be sure to leave your doggie feeling sleek and you feeling satisfied. Naturally, as small business owners, we are obliged to ensure that our pricing policy reflects our efforts to take the absolute best care of Amsterdam's four-legged friends.
Allow us to explain:
- Cut & Comb To keep looking prim & pampered Recommended every 6-8 weeks General Hygiene Overall health maintenance following holi-days and/or outdoor activities Recommended between cut & combs
Wash + +
Conditioning + +
Dry + +
Comb + +
Full body haircut +
Ear clean + +
Manicure + +
Intimate area trim + +
Minimal scis-sors correc-tion: paw trim, «opening up the eyes» +
Our front office staff are always more than happy to walk customers through all the treatments and costs in advance 15 minutes of detangling is included in the procedure, but if the fur is extremely tangled and addi-tional time is required for detangling alone there is an extra cost of €15 for every 15 minutes of de-tangling. Additional fees up to 30% might apply in circumstances where a pet has exhibited aggressive be-haviour, health issues, or neglect.

Ideally every four weeks.

Of course. Just send it over to us in advance, we’ll consult with your groomer and then walk you through how we might achieve a similar result.

Please have no worries about this. We like to think of a safe harbour for Amsterdam’s pets – we’ve worked with canine customers from tiny puppies to rescue dogs with a history of abuse and everything in between. Right from the moment you walk in, our professionals focus on building a trusting and caring environment. Our highly experienced groomers are especially skilled in tailoring their approach to each individual pup, using various techniques such as positive reinforcement, loving physical contact, varying water pressure, and avoiding startling sounds. Most importantly, we take our time to ensure that your pup can take everything in their stride. Would you be so kind as to tell us a bit more about what’s concerning you about your pet’s behaviour? How do they interact with other dogs? We can then consult with our groomers and find the best solution for you both.

We’ve got a great track record of getting puppies used to grooming! We recommend a hygiene treatment, which gets them familiar with combing, bathing, drying, cutting, and being left alone to make friends with the groomer. What’s more, this treatment is ideal for getting their soft puppy coat ready and primed for their first adult haircut.

It’s generally a good idea to get your puppy used to grooming as soon as they have had their vaccinations, which is usually around 8-9 weeks. Starting them young will help boost their confidence and learn that grooming is an enjoyable experience!

Detangling pups’ hair is unfortunately quite a difficult process that often causes distress and skin irritation. Depending on the severity, of course we will do everything we can to restore their coat. However, if the problem is serious, we may indeed have to discuss our options and start by cutting the hair short with clippers.

Moreover, since matted coats can cause a variety of skin and health problems, increasing risk of stress and injury, we would recommend stopping by for a full examination first to consult with our groomers on how to proceed.

Our highly skilled and experienced groomers are familiar with all breed standards and would be happy to groom your pup as such. If you and your dog are planning to compete in any shows or competitions in the near future, be sure to let us know so we can plan a grooming strategy ahead of time.

Your satisfaction is extremely important to us, and so we welcome any and all feedback. Upon pick-up, please do examine your dog before leaving and let us know if you think our groomers need to make a few final adjustments. It is possible to make some adjustments if you give us feedback on the spot, but unfortunately, it is not possible to make adjustments after the dog has left the salon.

Not necessarily. Your pup may just be anxious from the car ride, excited, or unsure if they’re going to the vet to get a jab. Much like children in nursery school, they settle right now once you are gone! In fact, they’re often so excited that they’re the ones pulling us into the grooming area! And don’t worry, we always let pups roam around and sniff the salon a bit to familiarise themselves with their environment.

Also, remember that dogs are very intuitive and can pick up any anxiety that you may be feeling. So keep calm, cheerful, and everything will be just fine.

Absolutely! While we must say that our products are some of the best in the industry and are designed to enrich the skin and promote a healthy coat, we understand that vets often prescribe alternatives for medical reasons. Please note that many prescribed shampoos & conditioners require 5-10 minutes to soak, during which time our groomers will gladly stay put and gently massage the product into their coat and skin. An additional fee will be added for this time.

House Rules

House Rules
You’re absolutely welcome to stay with us during your pup’s appointment! We have a cosy client corner in the parlour and an outdoor seating area in the garden. We must warn you, however, that it’s not uncommon for pups to get overly excited when they see their owners nearby! So, if we struggle to get your dog settled while you wait, we might have to ask you to step away for a few moments so the groomers can get safely to work.

We currently have two promotions available. Firstly, all first-time clients get free teeth hygiene treatment. Secondly, customers visiting every other week can get a bi-weekly discount of 20% on their treatment if their previous treatment was no more than 14 days prior.

We are open six days a week and welcome guests by appointment only. Opening times can vary according to the day and season, but our earliest appointments usually begin at 9:00 AM and our latest at 5:00 PM. If you have special requirements that do not fall within these times, do let us know. I’m sure we can find a solution!

Opening times can vary according to the day and season, but our latest appointments usually begin at 5:00 PM.

Most clients prefer to keep to the same groomer, especially if your dog tends to get nervous or has specific requests. We find that coming back to the same groomer works best because it fosters a familiar and loving relationship between the client, groomer, and furry friend!

In the interest of keeping your pup from getting separation anxiety, we usually recommend that you pick up your pup right after the treatment is finished. 

That said, if your schedule does not allow for this and your pup is quite confident, just let our administrator know at drop off. No rush! We have a double protected entrance door in our puppy parlour, so there’s no chance of them running away. What’s more, we often have a few dogs waiting at a time, so they can play and hang out together, enjoy some snacks, and kick back.

We plan to introduce these services at a later stage when we have a better idea of customer demand. If you think it’s going to be essential for you, do get in touch! We’ll be glad to make some arrangements.

If you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we ask that you give 48 hours’ notice or else you will incur a fee equal to 50% of the treatment price. We trust that our customers can respect and appreciate our cancellation policy so that the salon can work efficiently for everyone involved: from fulfilled groomers, to happily pampered pups that have not been turned away in vain. We also ask our guests to ensure that they arrive promptly to their appointments so that the day can run according to schedule. Even minor delays can cause disruption, which can upset other customers and create a stressful environment detrimental to the groomers’ work.

We accept ideal and all major credit and debit cards (including American Express).

Do let us know if you have any additional questions, we’ll be happy to provide all the information you need.
If you’d like to stop by for a look & feel, then we’d love to have you! That way, you can meet your potential groomer,
take a look at our equipment, have a cup of coffee and set up an appointment in person.